Challenging Speeding Tickets with GPS

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Citation holders are using GPS technology to try and beat their speeding tickets. Brett Pownceby in Australia had his speeding ticket withdrawn after he brought in speed data from his GPS car unit to the local police station. Phillip Tann, a scientist in the United Kingdom, claims he used data from a GPS speed detector he had developed to successfully fight a speeding ticket. In the United States, where GPS data is routinely not accepted in court, a retired police officer is trying to fight his step-son’s speeding ticket by using GPS data from the car to show that the teenager was going the speed limit. The case is awaiting a ruling from Commissioner Carla Bonilla.

In a different twist, Edwin Soto from the Gear Live site, used Google Maps to work his way out of a traffic ticket. After a traffic cop issued him a citation for running a red light, he defended himself in traffic court by explaining to the judge that the reason he turned left after the light had turned red was to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Part of the argument of the traffic cop was that Edwin was driving on a one-way street. Edwin was able to pull up Google Maps on his laptop before the judge to show that the mapping application was showing the street as a two-way street. The judge dismissed the case based on the faulty memory of the cop.

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