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Want to know where selected Washington poets have written about different locations around the state?  Poet Katherine Whitcomb has combined works of poetry with a GIS file showing the locations of specific locations of Washington state based poetry.  Whitcomb’s work in progress is entitled “A Sense of Place: The Washington State Geospatial Poetry Anthologywhich a GMZ file that contains geolocated works of poetry.  So far thirty poets from Washington have submitted works.  The project is a collaboration between Whitcomb and Robert Hickey, a professor of Geography at Central Washington University, and Marco Thompson, a Resource Management Candidate at Central Washington University.

Open the file into Google Earth to take a poetic tour of Washington state.  Click on individual poet points to read poetry about that location.  Featured poets include Oliver de la Paz, Bob Hickey, Elizabeth Austen, Dan Peters, Ann Teplick, and Peter Pereira.

The project still has a call for Washington Poets to submit works to the Sense of Place anthology.  Instructions on the submissions process is listed on Whitcomb’s The Center for Geospatial Poetry page.  The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012.

Center for Geospatial Poetry, Washington.
Center for Geospatial Poetry, Washington.


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