Caves and GIS

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Find resources for using GIS in cave and karst research as well as surveying and mapping links.

Cave Survey Software
June 2001 review of software available for cave surveys.

Cavetools is a free ArcView extension developed by B.W. Szukalski to convert COMPASS cave survey data to ArcView shapefile format.

GIS For Cave and Karst
ESRI’s knowledge base and GIS web page for cave and karst research. Find tools, software and literature on the use of GIS in cave and karst research.

Spatial Analysis of an Ancient Cave Site
October-December 2000 ArcUser article by Holley Moyes and Jaime J. Awe on the use of GIS to assist in investigations at the ancient Mayan cave site of Actun Tunichil Muknal.

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