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Adam Joseph, the Marketing Manager at Cartologic, provides an introduction to Cartoview.

Cartoview is an open source GeoSpatial web framework for managing and deploying geospatial and business Applications; the architecture of Cartoview makes it easy to efficiently develop and maintain and deploy GIS enterprise applications. Using Cartoview you can author your map and apps to create your web business solution. Cartoview is developed using open standards, so you can easily integrate Cartoview with your business solution to add GIS features to your solution.

Cartoview is Integrated with Open Data Catalog that helps organizations manage and publish metadata for their geospatial resources to let users discover and connect to those resources.


Cartoview Features

  • Compatible with ESRI and OGC
  • Deploy and manage ready made enterprise web applications
  • App Market, very fast deployment of web apps directly from the browser
  • Windows installer, get up and running in minutes. Installation is very simple, just download your app(s), install and configure on your server and you are ready to go.
  • The apps and architecture of CartoView make it easy to efficiently develop and maintain enterprise applications.
Cartoview NYC Demo, Explore it here
Cartoview NYC Demo, Explore it here

Cartoview Apps

The Cartoview App market offers a variety of apps that are simply deployed directly from the browser, the apps allow you to easily handle your spatial data under ESRI and OGC standards, create maps, interact with users and manage your business. Use Cartoview to manage and publish your geospatial data, host your mapping applications, integrate with the ArcGIS platform and much more.

Developing apps for cartoview framework is very easy, please take a look at the documentation or download a working app from App market and review the code.

Cartoview Services

Cartoview covers and serves local government , state government , emergency management , crisis mapping , business management , road safety , citizen engagement and much more solutions.

The metadata management through cartoview supports INSPIRE , CSW and OGC standards.

NYC Crimes Map you can see it online here
NYC Crimes Map you can see it online here.

Thirty minutes to establish your GeoSpatial web Infrastructure

Cartoview comes with windows installer which include apache, postgres, postgis, osgeo4w, mapnik and all python libraries and DLLs that have no official windows version.Getting the web infrastructure ready for use in your enterprise in 30 minutes, please visit

Cartoview License

Cartoview is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 which grants you the right to customize, extend, modify, repackage, resell, and many other potential uses of the system.

For further details you can find more at Cartoview website, NYC demo and Cartoview on Github.

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