GIS Career and Jobs

Articles covering issues relating to developing a career in GIS including interview preparation, educational background, and ongoing professional development. Also listed are GIS job resources.

Building a GIS Career

The use of geospatial technologies is increasingly being used in a variety of fields.  GIS is being used in many different industries and the skills required to be a successful GIS professional have evolved over the years.  Below are recommendations on building a strong background in preparation for a career in GIS based on what the majority of employers are looking for.  However, keep in mind you will find a wide variety of work and educational backgrounds among those working in GIS jobs.  

Registration Now Open for the Inaugural GISP Certification Exam

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is seeking candidates for the inaugural GISP certification exam.  About five years ago, GISCI began exploring changing the requirements for obtaining a GISP from its portfolio-only based requirements.  After launching a formal review in 2011, GISCI finally announced earlier this year that it would be […]

iGETT participants learning GIS in the lab. Source: NASA.iGETT participants learning GIS in the lab. Source: NASA.

Ensuring the Future of GIS with Geospatial Education

The U.S. government is helping to guarantee the future of GIS by investing billions of dollars in geospatial education. The hope is that this funding will go towards developing a workforce that is able to use geographic information in order to solve local, national, and global problems. Of source, the […]