GeoBriefs: Canadian Geomatics Employment Center, ResMap, ArcGIS Explorer

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The Canadian Geomatics Employment Center website provides users with tools to help find GIS, Remote Sensing, CAD, and Mapping jobs by connecting Canadian employers with qualified job seekers. Registration and resume posting is free to job seekers and employers: Canadian Geomatics Employment Center.

Elizabeth Ward from the Washington Post has a review of some emerging books on geography for children.  From Jinny Johnson’s interactive Maps and Mapping to Peter Malone’s The Man Who Made Time Travel, find some interesting titles for your children to read and learn.

Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land has a long list of sites that are mapping some aspect of the fires burning around Southern California: Mapping The Southern California Fires.  The Google Blog has highlighted maps of the fire areas that use Google Maps.

Rather than continue to try and compete with the mapping services provided by other Internet search engines, is now using Microsoft’s Virtual Earth to providing mapping services: Ask Maps Now Using Virtual Earth – Virtual Earth, An Evangelist’s Blog.

Avi Bar-Ze’ev (co-founder of Keyhole which produced EarthViewer which then later became Google Earth), has written part I of a planned series with the aim of providing an explanation of how Google Earth works: How Google Earth [Really] Works (More on Google Earth).

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TNTAtlas is a free Geodata viewing tool for Mac OS X and Windows. Geodata files currently supported include shapefiles, DWG, DGN, DXF, JPEG, JP2, TIFF, GeoTIFF, PNG, ECW, and MrSID formats. TNTatlas also has features for querying, measurement, printing, sketching of the displayed geodata.

Calling all K-12 teachers! If you teach GIS as part of your curriculum, fill out this survey for a doctoral research project. Aryliss Lisner from Northern Illinois University is studying “What Beliefs Characterize Teachers Who Implement Geographical Information System (GIS) Software into K-12 Classroom Practice.

Along with nanotechnology and biotechnology, Career Voyages has named geospatial technology one of the three emerging industries. Career Voyages is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Education with the focus of providing information and resources about different career paths.

BBC News Magazine Monitor has put together 100 interesting and “downright unexpected” facts pull from news stories over the past year:.  If you love all things trivia, then this list is for you:

ResMap provides free online access to GIS-ready satellite data. Imagery covering the entire globe is accessible. Over 10 Terabytes of LANDSAT imagery is available for direct and free use in GIS/CAD/RS/MS Office applications on your desktop without the need to download the data.

If you’re curious about the long awaited ESRI data viewer called ArcGIS Explorer you can visit’s ESRI’s showcase page on the product. The product has been considered by some as a competitor of Google’s Earth. You can download ESRI’s podcast on ArcGIS Explorer here and decide for yourself.

World Wind Central, a knowledge base and support site for NASA’s 3D world viewer, has a growing list of free orthoimagery sources from around the world. Since the site uses wiki technology, visitors to the site can also add in their own sources for free imagery: Sources of Free Orthoimagery.

Google’s Lat Long Blog has announced the availability of more Street View level imagery:

We’re excited to announce that Street View is now available in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Orlando. Like the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego features high-resolution imagery.


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