Call for Translators: gvSIG

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The developers of open source GIS software gvSIG have issued a call for translators.

gvSIG is a freely downloadable GIS software package written in Java that is available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms.  gvSIG is available in a multitude of languages: Spanish, English UK, English USA, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Chinese, Serbian, Swahili, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Basque, Valencian, and Gallego.  The release of  gvSIG 2.1 means that the accompanying documentation for this latest release needs to be updated.

The gvSIG association seeks help from the geospatial community able to update the existing selection of languages for gvSIG as well as those interested in adding documentation for new languages.  Those interested in helping with translations should contact the gvSIG Project:


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  1. i prefer to get this freee cource on gis softwares
    but my difficult is how can get it while am ina tanzania country.

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