CairnBUILDER: Mapping Recreational Routes

CairnBUILDER is a trail mapping tool that helps people plan and map hiking/backpacking/mountain biking routes and trips and then share these maps through an online community.

CairnBuilder relies on the ESRI ArcGIS Online JavaScript API to mashup user generated features such as trail routes and cairns (or markers) over a topographic map service from ESRI. CairnBuilder also pulls in data from other web services such as a USGS elevation web service and a place name service from to add richness to the user generated content. CairnBuilder leverages features unique to ESRI’s ArcGIS Online mapping services and API’s such as the topographic tiled map service and freehand polyline drawing to provide the kind of precision route mapping experience that was previously only available from specialized desktop software. Now users can plan trips online and share them with their friends with a click of a button.

The mapping application was submitted as an entry to ESRI’s 2010 Mashup Challenge.  Visit YouTube to view and rate the video entry.






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