GIS Bibliographies

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Annotated bibliographies and literature reviews covering research and case studies in the field of GIS.

An excellent resource for finding articles on case studies in GIS and other geospatial technologies. See what advances others in the field are making.

Annotated GIS Bibliographies
Collection of GIS related annotated bibliographies arranged by subject. Class project from Oregon State.

Esri GIS Bibliography
ESRI’s online bibliography recent surpassed 75,000 entries.¬† The online resource indexes journals, magazines, conference proceedings, and books relating to geographic information systems, science, and technology.

Bibliography of journal articles, books and online articles covering spatial and information design.

GIS in Utilities
An annotated bibliography on GIS in utilities provides a curated list of sources related to the application of geographic information systems in the utilities industry. Each source is accompanied by a concise summary or evaluation, offering insights into the relevance and usefulness of the references for further research in this field.

Plant Ecology and GIS
Annotated bibliography covering articles and books relating to the use of GIS and remote sensing in plant ecology. Compiled by Dylan Keon.

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