Mark Altaweel

Using GIS to Analyze Pedestrian Accessibility

GIS tools to compute pedestrian accessibility are not just available to governments, academics, or companies, but are also free and…

3 months ago

Geospatial Climate Models Show How Fire Seasons Are Changing

Changing technologies, including new satellite systems, and better climate and fire modeling, including the integration of these tools and data…

3 months ago

Mapping Coral Reefs

Scientists have been developing better ways to fuse data from different satellite systems and data capture, while also developing classification…

4 months ago

GEDI: A New Tool for Forest Carbon Maps

Maps created by the GEDI satellite system will enable a detailed measurement of the carbon content of forests, allowing scientists…

4 months ago

The End of the Rainbow: Picking Color Schemes in GIS

The color symbology in displaying a GIS data on a map is an important decision to make in communicating geographic…

4 months ago

Optimizing Traffic with Autonomous Vehicles and Machine Learning

One way to improve traffic is to integrate technologies within autonomous cars, particularly as they are forecast to be soon…

4 months ago

When AI Goes Wrong in Spatial Reasoning

Machines can learn ‘wrong’ or biased information, creating large problems and poor conclusions when it comes to spatial data.

4 months ago

Using Ground-level Imagery to Map Landscape Change

Ground-level photographs have great value to demonstrate landscape change from a human eye-level perspective.

5 months ago

How Does GPS Technology Affect Our Understanding of Place?

How is an over reliance on GPS technology affecting our understanding and experience of place? This question has been a…

6 months ago

Using Satellite Imagery to Map Obesity Rates

One study recently looked at about 150,000 high resolution satellite images of cities in the United States along with census…

6 months ago