Mark Altaweel

Using GIS to Analyze People’s Attitudes

GIS can help researchers analyze spatial data within social media posts in order to understand how people react to different…

3 months ago

Mapping School Performance and Inequality With GIS

With GIS, researchers can look at how effective schools are relative to spatial measures.

4 months ago

What Helps to Increase Public Participation in GIS?

Community participation in GIS through PPGIS is a worthy goal and has been applied in many studies for decades.

4 months ago

Using GIS to Assess Crime Risk

The use of GIS and spatial analysis has become an important tool in understanding crime patterns.

5 months ago

Using Machine Learning and Surface Deformation Data to Predict Earthquakes

There is no easy solution for earthquake prediction, but machine learning in particular has made forecasting far better.

5 months ago

GIS and Named Entity Recognition: Identifying Geographic Locations in Text

Within the larger field of natural language processing, new methods are bring developed that are merging geographic information with basic…

5 months ago

Using GIS in Golf Management

GIS has a growing role in golf from managing courses to facilitating the symbiotic relationship between golf courses and environmental…

5 months ago

Using GIS to Analyze Pedestrian Accessibility

GIS tools to compute pedestrian accessibility are not just available to governments, academics, or companies, but are also free and…

6 months ago

Geospatial Climate Models Show How Fire Seasons Are Changing

Changing technologies, including new satellite systems, and better climate and fire modeling, including the integration of these tools and data…

6 months ago

Mapping Coral Reefs

Scientists have been developing better ways to fuse data from different satellite systems and data capture, while also developing classification…

7 months ago