Spatial Analysis

Image 1: Fields burn near Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil. 50-cm color WorldView-2 image courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

The New Boom: Remotely Tracking Growth of the Sugarcane Industry in São Paulo, Brazil

Sugarcane production is a source of varied opinions and conflicting realities. While on the one hand it is contributing both to the takeover of farmland and to minor clearing of rainforest areas in South America, particularly Brazil, it also has the potential to serve as a renewable source of sustainable […]

Spatial Analysis

Figure 1: End-member classification of a three-component system, with soil (yellow), water (blue) and vegetation (green) identified. Image credit: University of Maryland,

ASTER and the Spectral Recipe for Finding Gold

In the last section of this series, we took a look at both the ASTER sensor and the vast library of spectral profiles built as a standard reference for multi-spectral analysis and material classification. In this article, we will take a look at land cover investigations through spectral unmixing, which is […]

GIS Data

The spectral response of three material classes (vegetation, soil and water) overlain on a single graph. (Graph Credit: Penn State University)

The ASTER Spectral Library – a True Monument of Remote Sensing Data

In the first part of this series, Cameron Windham from Apollo Mapping takes a look at the nuts and bolts of the widely-used ASTER Spectral Library.

Spatial Analysis

Figure 1a: WorldView-1 animated GIF of two captures, one from early June and one from Late August. Although there is contrast between the brightness of the images, the portion to note is the increase in shadow lengths.}

The Rainforest Magician – Optical Illusions and the Spectra of the Canopy

Cameron Windham from Apollo Mapping discusses the the findings of a recent paper published in Nature about a sun-sensor geometry arrangement being the cause for historically high readings of green-ness in the rainforest canopy.

GIS Data

Flood damage in Colorado as a result of the rainfalls this September. (Photo Source: Wikimedia)

The Role of High-Resolution Imagery and GIS in Flood Relief Efforts in Colorado

With the recent flooding events that swept the western United States, a lot of attention has turned towards assessing flood-related damages in order to assign and focus relief efforts, and towards mitigating future damages by identifying and fortifying high-risk regions . Of particular utility to these interests has been high-resolution […]