Australian GIS Data and Resources

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Links to finding free and low-cost data for Australia. Also find pointers for GIS resources pertaining to Australia. Unfortunately there is not a lot of free data to be found.

ACRES Digital Catalog
The ACRES Digital Catalogue system is a database of archived satellite data acquisitions over Australia from the Landsat, SPOT, ERS, RADARSAT and JERS earth observation satellites.

Australian Spatial Data Directory
The Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD) is a national initiative supported by all governments under the auspices of ANZLIC – the Spatial Information Council. The ASDD aims to improve access to Australian spatial data for industry, government, education and the general community through effective documentation, advertisement and distribution.

CMR Data Centre
Data access to marine related datasets of Australia. From CSIRO Marine Research.

National Digital Geosciences
For a fee you can order a CD of mostly geological datasets. Datasets have been formatted for use with Arcinfo/Arcview and Mapinfo software.

Public Sector Mapping Agency
Topograhical and demographic (census) data from the Public Sector Mapping Agency. The Public Sector Mapping Agency (PSMA) is a consortium formed in 1993 to represent all of these agencies in a project to integrate the best available map data, for a national digital map base of Australia.

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