Arizona Wildfire Satellite Imagery

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The USGS has released a Landsat 7 image of Arizona showing the Wallow Fire which began on May 29th and continues to burn.

The image, taken on June 7th, shows burning in the mountains of eastern Arizona near the border with New Mexico.  The Wallow Fire is the second largest fire in Arizona history, having burned 389,000 acres at the time of the image capture.

A large resolution version of the image can be accessed here.  The image captures in vivid color the impact and spread of the wildfire.  Dense plumes of smoke can been seen pouring north from the massive fire which has affected air quality as far north as Wyoming and as far east as Georgia.  Also visible in the image are flames from the fires along the northern edges of the fire perimeter.

Landsat image of the Wallow Fire in Arizona.
Landsat image of the Wallow Fire in Arizona.

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