ArcView 3.x Developer Resources

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Collection of links to help you find Avenue scripts and programming tips for extending ArcView 3.x. Avenue is the proprietary programming language within ArcView.

Basics of ArcView 3.x Customization
You don’t have to be a whiz at Avenue to customize ArcView. Find out how to do basic customizations of ArcView 3.x.

Thirty Tips and Tricks for Programming in Avenue
Chockfull of advice on better avenue programming. From GIS programmer Marco Morais.

Scripts – Avenue
Add functionality to your ArcView project through Avenue. Find free Avenue scripts here.

Access and ArcView: Using Avenue
Avenue is a great tool for adding functionality to ArcView 3x. This article runs through two sets of code for using Avenue programming to work with Microsoft Access databases.

Creating HTML Files Using Avenue
You can use Avenue to write html code in order to create html pages on the fly. You can then populate the created file with information and image links using the information you’ve selected from your theme.

Coding Styles
From Sandia Laboratory, this paper entitled “Coding Styles and Utility Scripts for Efficient Development” goes over principles to help programmers create the best Avenue scripts and reduce coding errors.

How to Run an Excel Macro in ArcView
Using Avenue, you can easily run Excel Macros from within ArcView.

Purchase a wide range of ArcView 3.x scripts and extensions online. There’s also a free trial section for select utilities.

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