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ArcInfo is one of the premier GIS software applications currently on the market. Esri, the makers of this software revamped ArcInfo as part of the ArcGIS suite of software.  Resources for both the older ArcInfo 7x and ArcInfo (ArcGIS) versions can be found here.

While initiatives like the Geography Network and the advent of mobile GIS applications will garner significant attention from the ESRI user community, the most immediate impact for users is the unification of the ESRI product line, called ArcGIS.

ArcInfo (ArcGIS)
Product information page from ESRI for ArcInfo. ESRI has built excellent support resources. Online documentation, downloads and a user forum can be found off this site.

Arc Macro Language
AML is the native programming language of the ArcInfo Workstation GIS software. AML is most commonly used in the 7x versions of ArcInfo.

Discussion Forum
Online discussion forum for ArcInfo hosted and moderated by ESRI. Registration required.

How to Label More Than One Field in ArcMap
You can easily label more than one field of a layer in ArcMap with Visual Basic script.

A Look into ArcInfo 8
Article by Joseph Kerski of Education Outreach – USGS on the fundamental changes with the new release of ArcInfo 8. This is a useful overview expecially for those coming from an ArcInfo 7x background and need to know what to expect.


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