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Documentation, tutorials, and tips and tricks for using ArcIMS, a deprecated Internet Map Server product from Esri that has been replaced by ArcGIS Server.

Basic Guide to ArcXML
Learning how to work with ArcXML is integral to customizing ArcIMS, ESRI’s web mapping software. Introduce yourself to this flavor of XML here.

Geography Network
The Geography Network is the effort by ESRI to bring GIS data and services to the Internet. Services registered at the site run ArcIMS.

Resource center sponsored by ESRI. Access their user discussion forum, technical help and documentation from this site.

ArcIMS 3.0 – An Application Developer’s Perspective
First person article by Andrew Waxman, Chief Technology Officer, Telemorphic Inc. on developing in ArcIMS. Posted January, 2000 on the Spatial News site.

ArcIMS Product Page
Product page from ESRI’s web site with information on product specification, technical requirements and links to other resources.

ArcIMS Tutorials

ArcIMS Tutorials
Pdf format tutorials from the USGS on using ArcIMS.

ArcIMS Scripts
Free scripts and utilities for ArcIMS from the ESRI’s ArcScripts site.

How To Remove the “Missing (jsForm.htm)” Alert Box
If you have ever worked on customizing an ArcIMS’ Htmlviewer application, you’ve probably run into an alert box informing you “Unable to start. Required HTML Form missing (jsForm.htm).” The file is where it should be but you’re still getting that message. These quick steps provide a solution to removing that alert box.

IMS Demos
Link site on ESRI to online sites that are running various IMS flavors. Find sites running ArcIMS as well as ArcView and MO IMS. This is a good way to get an idea of the types of map servers you can create with IMS products.

Quick Installation guide for ArcIMS 3.1
Step-by-step instructions for installing Tomcat 4.01 with ArcIMS.

Using Flash Macromedia as a client for ArcIMS (ESRI)
Components to develop a client viewer that can use ArcIMS services.

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