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The product of ESRI’s overhaul of their GIS software, ArcGIS was first introduced in 2000. Find information about the various GIS software found under the ArcGIS model.

ArcGIS Tutorials
List of mostly video-based ArcGIS tutorials demonstrating step by step instructions on functions using ESRI’s desktop GIS software.

GIS Tips & Tricks for ArcGIS Suite
Aubrey Drescher runs this tip site for users of ArcGIS.  Drescher has been adding step by step instructions on ArcGIS related tasks and issues.  The posts cover processes that a GIS Analyst or technician would encounter in their work such as map production, editing of data, and map projections.

Documentation, tutorials, and tips and tricks for using ArcIMS, the Internet Map Server from ESRI.

ArcView (ArcGIS)
ArcView 8.x is part of the ArcGIS software system created by ESRI. Find information, tutorials and resources about this software.

Creating Google Earth KMLs from ArcGIS
PDF tutorial that takes you step by step through the process of creating a KML (Keyhold Markup Language) file that enables you to plot your ArcMap data so that it can be viewed in Google Earth.

Geography Network
The Geography Network is the effort by ESRI to bring GIS data and services to the Internet using ArcIMS technology.

Introducing ArcGIS
While initiatives like the Geography Network and the advent of mobile GIS applications will garner significant attention from the ESRI user community, the most immediate impact for users is the unification of the ESRI product line, called ArcGIS.

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