ArcGIS Online Brings in New Group Functions

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ArcGIS Online is bringing about some new innovations to groups this June, many of them bring in elements of accessibility greatly needed by their – at times – stylistically out of date interface design.

One of the more notable of these changes is the new interface design for searching through content. The newly created tab layout adds a little more intuitive functionality that the initial design may have lacked. Automatically customized thumbnails – displaying the first letter of a group’s title – allow for quick differentiation at a glance, considerably easier than the standard blank thumbnail, if left without a unique image file uploaded to the group.

Groups may also be placed into feature compilations, allowing organizations to display the most prevalent maps and applications they currently offer. This leads into the next clear goal ArcGIS Online seems to be aiming for, to make browsing and control of data availability easier and quicker to manage. Alongside auto-custom thumbnails and featured groups, users may now search by privacy settings on content, bringing in a new level of control to data administration. Lastly in notable improvements, groups now come with the option to enable deletion prevention.

Esri frequently reaches out to its user base for new ideas, through their Early Adopter’s Community and Ideas Site.

View Esri’s initial announcement here.


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