ArcGIS Now on Android

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Esri has announced the availability of ArcGIS on the Android platform:

Google Android users can now access data and mapping capabilities on their smartphones with the ArcGIS for Android application. ArcGIS for Android lets users find and share maps as well as deploy GIS data and functionality on Android devices. The free app is now available and can be downloaded directly from the Android Market.

The release of ArcGIS for Android is long awaited.  Last year, Esri made ArcGIS for iOS available.  Like to mobile app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, the Android version serves as a “mobile gateway into the ArcGIS system.”

People can also use the app to edit features and attribute information on the fly while collecting field data and performing inspections. In addition, ArcGIS for Android includes a legend, a Favorites feature, and a tool for measuring area and distance.

ArcGIS for Android is free and can be downloaded from the Android Market.

ArcGIS for Android also includes an API for Java developers.  Esri offers interested developers the opportunity to join its beta program for the API.  The final release for ArcGIS Runtime SDK is anticipated for November of 2011.

Esri's ArcGIS for Android.
Esri's ArcGIS for Android.


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