ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Announces General User Availability



Power BI, a collection of tools by Microsoft for business analytics, recently announced an generalized integration for its users. Similar to Adobe Creative Cloud, it’s collaborating with ArcGIS to bring refined geographic data to its user base.

This new Esri provided feature gives users of Power BI many of the options that ArcMap users are familiar with. Four of ArcGIS’ basemaps are available for selection, alongside the potential to customize them with the usual data points and clusters. Interactive reference layers – shared by users of ArcGIS Online – are also readily available.

Many of the aesthetic options that AGOL provides are also offered to Power BI users. Stylizing options for map points – such as unique shape options, colors, and modifiable transparency – provide better optimization of data with layers that can be quickly distinguished from one another, and the unique “color ramps” give greater control over layer specificity through visuals.

Esri has also provided its own set of analytics to Microsoft’s software, with calculation of transportation times being one of the primary aspects focused on by the official news release. Power BI combines these analytic features with its own, allowing for in depth graph projections of collected geographic data.

For those looking for a more in-depth introduction to this collaboration, view the ArcGIS official  video here.



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