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Amy Hillier, a professor with the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, has developed an excellent introductory manual entitled, Working With ArcGIS 10.

Hillier developed the manual as a complementary teaching guide for introducing ArcGIS to her undergraduate and graduate students.  In the introduction to the manual, Hiller explains the approach she took with developing the manual and the intended audience: “[The Manual] reflects the order and emphasis of topics that I have found most helpful while teaching introductory GIS classes in urban studies, social work, and city planning. I expect that it will be particularly helpful to people new to GIS who may be intimidated by conventional software manuals. It may also be helpful as a resource to those who have completed a course in ArcGIS but don’t always remember how to perform particular tasks. This manual does not try to be comprehensive, focusing instead on the basic tools and functions that users new to GIS should know how to use.

The manual coverages a range of topics including georectifying imagery, projections, making maps, working with attributes, geocoding, joining data, querying data, creating new GIS data, digitizing, and working with raster data.  The last section of the manual contains trouble-shooting tips to identify common problems.

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