Arc Macro Language – AML

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AML is the native programming language of the ArcInfo Workstation GIS software. AML is most commonly used in the 7x versions of ArcInfo.

AML Basics
PDF file on the basics of AML. Make sure you have Adobe’s ( free Adobe Reader installed on your machine in order to sucessfully open up this URL.

Over 150 free AML scripts are available from ESRI’s ArcScripts page. Find AML scripts covering almost every spatial function. Choose “languages” from the dropdown menu to select “AML” before you search.

Eykamp’s Experience
Two in depth descriptions of AML development from this web site which is actually Christopher Eykamp’s detailed resume. Good explanation of some of the capabilities of AML usage.

GRASS to ArcInfo
AMLs written to convert GRASS raster and vector files to ArcInfo format. Written for GRASS version 4x.

Hydrology AMLs
A plethora of AMLs relating to hydrological spatial functions. Delineate watersheds, download and process DLGs, or create a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) from the AMLs available on this site.

Two AMLs from the USGS page to create ArcInfo elevation grids from DEMs. Also find AMLs for working with imagery and more.

Visual Editor for AML
Windows 95/NT based AML editing program.

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