Apple Looking for Boots on the Ground for its Maps Team

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The Maps Team at Apple is looking for a small army of Maps Ground Truth Local Experts to help beef up its data quality for its iOS Maps app.  The launch of Apple’s Maps in September of 2012 (which replaced Google Maps as the default mapping and navigation app on iOS devices) was met with a heavy amount of criticism and ridicule over the quality and accuracy of the geographic data.

Currently listed are  thirty nine jobs calling for  Ground Truth Local Experts and Maps Ground Truth Regional Managers on Apple’s site. Ground Truth Experts are being sought for many major cities around the world with locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Dublin among the listings.  The job requirements call for successful applicants to have resided in the city of interest for at least five years (which means a strong familiarity with local areas of interest, driving routes, and landmarks), have some experience evaluating map quality, and strong English language skills.

From Apple:

The Maps team is looking for people with knowledge of mapping, great testing skills, and local expertise to help us build better and better maps. In this position, you will be responsible for the quality of map data for your region. You will test changes to map data, provide feedback on unique local map requirements, collect ground truth information, and evaluate competing products.

Both Ground Truth Expert and the Ground Truth Regional Managers require a Bachelors in any subject, although the manager positions list a preference for CS or Geography/GIS majors.

Those interested in these jobs from Apple should submit an application via Jobs at Apple.


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