Antarctica GIS Resources


Find resources relating to GIS including case studies, articles and access to data relating to Antarctica.

Antarctica GIS Data

New High Resolution DEM of Antarctica Now Available for Downloading
250 million measurements have resulted in the release of the highest available resolution digital elevation model (DEM) covering Antarctica.

Australian Antarctic Data Centre
Access to maps, imagery and spatial data from Australia’s Antarctic Programme.

Mosaic of Antarctica
Information about the image mosaic of Antarctica created by NASA and the USGS.

Quantarctica – Free GIS Data for QGIS
A QGIS specific free GIS dataset is available for downloading from the Quantarctica site (QGIS + Antarctica).



Useful Maps & Images
RADARSAT-1 Image  and maps relating to Antarctica from the U.S. Antarctic Program.



Science and GIS in Antarctica
Series of articles published in ESRI’s ArcNews Fall 2004 issue about the use of GIS and spatial technology in Antarctica.

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