Mobile Mapping Market Expected to Reach $40 Billion by 2024

January 17, 2020

The size of Mobile Mapping Market was anticipated to be $14 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach $40…

GIS Job Description Survey

Below is a quick GIS job survey to understand what GIS professionals do in their respective industries.

January 15, 2020

Mapping Australia’s Bushfires

Tools based on near-real time data from satellites, such as those used by Australia or developed by NASA, have great…

January 14, 2020

GIS in Academia and Beyond Map Dashboard

Developed by Black Girls MAPP, a networking group that "connects and empowers women of color in the field of GIS",…

January 12, 2020

Women in GIS Networking Groups

Web sites with information specifically regarding peer support for women in GIS.

January 12, 2020

Esri Debuts New Free Course on Spatial Data Science

Esri has unveiled a new massive open online course (MOOC) entitled, "Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics."

January 8, 2020

Predicting Future Movements of Pedestrians and Autonomous Vehicles

As driverless cars and motion detection technologies are increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, applications are now being developed to…

January 8, 2020

What is Snapping in GIS?

Snapping involves connecting a geometric vertex or edges of one feature to another when editing a GIS dataset.

January 12, 2020

A Roundup of Geospatial Podcasts

Here's a list of geospatial podcasts you can download and listen to.

December 19, 2019

What is a GeoTIFF?

A GeoTIFF is a public domain metadata standard which has the georeferencing information embedded within the image file.

January 13, 2020