Addressing the entire country of Costa Rica

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The Los Angeles Times reports on the efforts of Costa Rica’s postal system to overhaul the way addresses in this country are assigned.  Costa Rica doesn’t have a standardized way of addressing and many of the streets are unnamed.  Locations are decribed based on their proximity to local landmarks.   The example in the article describes one location’s address as “From the Tibas cemetery, 200 meters south, 300 meters west, cross the train tracks, white two-story house.”  The problem has resulted in mass confusion for postal carriers, service repair technicians and emergency personnel when trying to locate addresses.  Currently, mail can take up to 9 days to be delivered, if at all.  Twenty percent of all mailed is undeliverable as postal carriers can’t figure out the address.  The postal service has embarked on a massive effort to assign street names, addresses and ZIP Codes to every structure in the 20,000 square mile country.

Source: Los Angeles Times – With Costa Rica’s mail, it’s address unknown

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