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Access 35 GIS Lectures and Labs for Free

The FOSS4G Geoacademy has released 35 geospatial lectures and labs for free under a Common Creative license.  Hosted on the Spatial {Query} Lab site, these lectures and labs are aligned to the Geospatial Technology Competency Model and cover the following unit topics:

  • GST 101 – Introduction to Geospatial Technology (QGIS)
  • GST 102 – Spatial Analysis (QGIS)
  • GST 103 – Data Acquisition and Management (QGIS)
  • GST 104 – Cartographic Design (QGIS and Inkscape)
  • GST 105 – Introduction to Remote Sensing (QGIS and GRASS)

Each unit contains a set of online lectures and a zipped file containing labs that use open source software QGIS, GRASS, and Inkscape.

These materials can be freely downloaded and used to teach GIS within a classroom setting or for individuals to engage in self-paced GIS learning.

Visit: FOSS4G Academy Curriculum

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