A Year of Movement


Andy Woodruff of the Cartogrammar blog spent 2009 tracking his movements.  Woodruff mapped out his movements on a daily basis and categorized them by type of transport: foot, car, bike, train, and bus.  The mapping was restricted to just the Cambridge, Massachusetts area so out-of-town trips are not recorded.  Woodruff relied on memory and drafted the routes himself rather than compiling the data via a GPS.  The result is a flash map that  shows his daily travels.  Click on the legend to only see travel by a specific mode of travel.

The end result allowed Woodruff to take a look at where and how he travels in a given year.  He noted that he only used his bicycle four times in 2009 and needed to explore more of Boston.

(Via @kjphotography)

Visit: Mapping a whole darn year



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