July, 2014

GIS Data

Detected methane leaks in the city of Staten Island.Detected methane leaks in the city of Staten Island.

Mapping Methane Leaks with Google Street View Cars

Google partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund on a pilot project to use Google’s fleet of Street View cars to map out methane levels in three U.S. cities.  The cars were outfitted with sensors to detect and record methane leaking from city pipes in the cities of Boston, Staten Island, and […]

GIS Data

GRACE based shallow groundwater drought indicator map for July 7, 2014. Source: NASA.GRACE based shallow groundwater drought indicator map for July 7, 2014. Source: NASA.

Using Remote Sensing to Measure the Affect of Drought on Ground Water

This map shows a comparison of modeled relative amount of water stored in underground aquifers in the continental United States for July 7, 2014 as compared to the average for comparable weeks for the sixty year average water storage.  

GIS Data

National Transportation Atlas Database

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics recently released the 2014 National Transportation Atlas Database.   From the BTS The DVD is a set of nationwide geographic databases of transportation facilities, transportation networks, and associated infrastructure. These datasets include spatial information for transportation modal networks and intermodal terminals, as well as the related […]

Spatial Analysis

Information on land cover, market values and forest management was used as input to a managed timber production model and applied to the Huong Son forest concession. The left image displays the total net present value (TNPV) of the forecasted timber extraction until 2045 (based on average values); the darker the area, the greater the value. The image on the right image displays the total biomass foreseen to be extracted by the forest operations within each parcel; the darker green the more biomass. Numbers correspond to the parcels listed in the forest management plan of the Huong Son Company. Source: ESA/GeoVille

Evaluating Ecosystems from Space

The ESA has launched their Space for Ecosystem project in order to more accurately evaluate the benefits of a natural resource.

GIS Learning

The "Where in the World" game is an annual favorite among attendees. Individuals take their best guesses to figure out where on the Earth the poster sized aerial imagery represents.The "Where in the World" game is an annual favorite among attendees. Individuals take their best guesses to figure out where on the Earth the poster sized aerial imagery represents.

Views From the 2014 Esri International User Conference: GIS In Imagery

Photographer Kristina Jacob shares moments she captured from the 2014 Esri International User Conference that was recently held during July in San Diego, California.  One of the largest GIS conferences in the world, the Esri UC played host to over 15,000 attendees from around the world. The Esri International User […]

GIS Data

This image is a portion of the first Landsat 8 scene acquired May 12, 2013 (Path 107, Rows 70-71) in Western Australia. Geoscience Australia, a Landsat International Cooperator and a Landsat Science Team Member, produced this enhanced image. Water and land were masked, separately enhanced, and then reassembled. The water patterns are the result of an RGB display of the Landsat 8 red, blue, and ultra-blue bands (bands 4, 2, 1) and the land is shown using SWIR, NIR, and green (bands 6, 5, 3). The resulting image displays impressive sediment and nutrient patterns in the tropical estuary area, and the complex patterns and conditions in the vegetated areas.

First Landsat Spacecraft Launched – Today in Geospatial – July 23

On July 23, 1972, the first Landsat spacecraft was launched.  At the time it was known as the Earth Resources Technology Satellite and it was the first satellite launched to study the earth’s landmasses.  In 1975, the name was changed to Landsat.  Since then, this program has been continuously monitoring changes […]

GIS Data

Map showing what the soil moisture conditions around the planet were like in August 2013: dry areas are represented in the brown scale, while wetter areas are in blue and green. Image Credit: NASA Goddard's Science Visualization Studio/T. Schindler

Mapping Soil Moisture from Space

Soil moisture might not be considered a critical factor to the health of our planet but a series of satellite missions are proving otherwise. Scientists recently created maps from NASA’s Aquarius satellite of soil moisture, or the amount of water contained within soil particles, across the globe. These maps have […]

Maps and Cartography

Epsom's SureColor T-Series of large format color printers.

A Look At Epson’s New Generation of Large-Format Color Printers

Timed with this year’s Esri International User Conference, Epson has announced the second generation of its SureColor T-Series of large format color printers.  Epson has focused improvements to its printer series towards architects, engineers and GIS professionals.  I had a chance to speak with Timothy Check, Project Manager at Epson […]

GIS Learning

GIS Tutorial for Python Scripting

GIS Tutorial for Python Scripting is a new release from Esri Press.  This workbook contains hands-on programming exercises to familiarize GIS users with scripting using Python, particularly within the ArcGIS environment. Python is used within ArcGIS to script geoprocessing functions and tasks such as automating workflows or customizing ArcGIS through custom menus […]