June, 2014

GIS Learning

A thematic map showing the GDP per capita (nominal, 2007) of the Mexican States.

Statistics for Thematic Cartography

The Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance (GITTA) has an online lesson plan that provides some helpful information about creating thematic maps.  The lesson provides an introduction to basic statistical techniques, understanding measurement, and provides an understanding of how and when to standardize and classify GIS data. The lesson is broken up […]

GIS Data

Average sea-surface topography for 2013 as mapped by CryoSat combined with data from the ERS-2, Envisat, GFO, Topex/Poseidon and Jason missions. Red represents higher sea levels (up to 20 mm) while blue represents lower areas (down to –20 mm). CryoSat’s ground-tracks are seen as long ‘strips’. It can be seen that CryoSat reaches higher latitudes compared to previous radar altimeter missions, and can capture a high-degree of mesoscale activity in the Gulf Stream. Source: ESA/CNES/CLS

Download CryoSat-2 Ice and Ocean Data Products

The polar-orbiting CryoSat-2 satellite provides researchers with a ice and ocean data that is helping to understanding the current state of the world’s ice sheets and oceans.   Since its launch in 2010, CryoSat-2 has collected data that provides scientists with an understanding of changes in the thickness of polar sea ice, […]

GIS Learning, GIS Software

Self-Paced Introduction to QGIS Course

A new course on learning the open source GIS package, QGIS, is being offered to free via Canvas, an open-source learning management system.  The QGIS course, which is in beta, was developed by Richard Smith, an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and Kurt Menke, a GIS Specialist at Bird’s Eye View.  Students can start enrolling […]