January, 2014


Maps and Cartography

The Mercator projection. Source: USGS.

A Look at the Mercator Projection

Learn about the Mercator map projection – one of the most widely used and recently, most largely criticized projections. Amanda Briney takes a look at the history and development of the Mercator projection, how it works and some criticisms of the projection. The Mercator projection is just one of many map projections but it is one of the most recognizable.

Maps and Cartography

Georeference Goad map from the British Library.

British Library Crowdsources 2,700 Maps for Georeferencing

Launched back in February of 2012, the British Library started a pilot project to engage the public in help the library to georerefence a portion of its extensive digital maps collection. The British Library recently announced the successful completion of its efforts to have more than 2,700 maps georeferenced for […]

GIS Data

Map Showing Preliminary Damage Assessment of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Source: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 11/11/13.

Predicting Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Crises through GIS

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) wants to create a data-rich map with its proposed Project GeoAnalytics that takes into account not only the physical characteristics of certain locations around the globe but also include supplementary information about its people and the political situation.

GIS Data

Satellite map of Ross Island using the Landsat Imagery Mosaic of Antarctica, including insets of nearby Beaufort Island and Franklin Island. From the Polar Geospatial Center.

Mapping the Earth’s Polar Regions

In order to better understand the Earth’s Polar Regions, improved maps are continually being developed. The latest of these is a set of high-quality satellite images of Antarctica from the Polar Geospatial Center. The PGC has made them accessible through several web-based mapping applications.