October, 2013

GIS Learning

Map of Halloween Costume Spending Across the United States. Source: Esri.Map of Halloween Costume Spending Across the United States. Source: Esri.

Halloween GIS Fun

Looking to add a little geo to your Halloween beyond the of proliferation Halloween Trick or Treater online maps? Halloween Cartography Gretchen Petersen has pulled together Halloween themed graphics for mapping on her blog.  The selection of three font collections includes a scary type font called Mostly Typeface by Chad Savage as […]

GIS Software

Canvas GIS Map software from 2003.

Find Old GIS Software Programs

The Internet Archive is host to the largest historical archive of old software programs.  Now JSMESS, a Javascript port of the MESS emulator, allow users to try out archived software programs via their browsers.  Jason Scott at the Internet Archive explains that with the instantaneous accessibility provided by in-browser emulators, users don’t have […]

Spatial Analysis

GOCE geoid model. Source: ESA.

GOCE Gravity Mapping Mission Has Ended

Launched on March 17, 2009 by the European Space Agency (ESA), the low altitude satellite GOCE is set to run out of fuel around October of this year. GOCE, which stands The Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer was launched with the purpose of mapping the Earth’s gravity field at a high level of detail.

Maps and Cartography

Map of the ocean floor.

Marie Tharp and Mapping the Ocean Floor

As an oceanographic cartographer, Marie Tharp is credited with scientifically mapping the ocean floor in partnership with her colleague Bruce Heezen. Tharp and Heezen’s work was revolutionary, in that led to many discoveries and the theories of continental drift of plate tectonics. Tharp was a pioneer in science both as a woman and for her mapmaking.

Spatial Analysis

Using Remote Sensing to Combat Poverty

Using Remote Sensing to Combat Poverty

Remote sensing, the practice of gathering information about objects without being physically near them, has had many practical uses for humans over the last few decades. Satellites in particular are remote sensing devices that have a large variety of functions. They have been used to predict and monitor the weather, […]

GIS Data

Mapping Our World: Interactive Poster Showing Forty Years of NASA Data

Mapping Our World: Interactive Poster Showing Forty Years of NASA Data

Forty years representing over a dozen of Earth observation missions by NASA has led to an invaluable archive of satellite imagery and remote sensing data.  These mission have gathered data about the Earth including its atmosphere, vegetation, ice, land surface, salinity levels, geology, and temperature.  The highlight the datasets developed by […]