December, 2012

GIS Learning

Roger Tomlinson, 1967.Roger Tomlinson, 1967.

Who Coined the Phrase Geographic Information System?

Roger Tomlinson, also known as the Father of GIS, is famed for being a pioneer in the field of Geographic Information System (GIS).  His early work fifty years ago with the Canada Land Inventory (CLI) in 1962 is widely recognized as the beginnings of GIS.  Prior to the computerization of […]

GIS Learning

Google Maps Icon for iOS6 app.

Google Maps for iOS 6 Released and the Onion Parodies Apple Maps

iOS6 iPhone users, rejoice!  Back in September Apple dropped Google Maps as the default mapping and navigation app when it released iO6, instead replacing it with an in-house mapping app.  After months of speculation and anxious waiting, Google Maps for iPhone and  iPod Touch has been released (unfortunately, a larger […]

GIS Software

Weave – Open Source Data Visualization

Weave – Open Source Data Visualization

Weave is an open source offering from the Open Indicators Consortium.  OIC is a collaboration with the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research (IVPR) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and counts membership from a range of local, regional, state, and federal government agencies and nonprofits. Weave takes its name from the software description: […]

GIS Data

Composite Map of the Earth at Night, 2012. Source: NASA.Composite Map of the Earth at Night, 2012. Source: NASA. Click on map for larger image.

New Map of the Earth’s Night Lights

NASA has released an update of its popular Earth at Night composite imagery.  The last global composite of the earth’s night lights was created in 2003.  The latest release of nighttime imagery has been greatly improved through the use of  the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) satellite which was launched in October of […]