August, 2012

GIS Career and Jobs

Six Things You Should be Doing to Enhance Your GIS Career

GIS is not a static field and neither should your ongoing professional development be. With more and more academic institutions offering GIS certificate and degree-based programs, the competition in the field for GIS jobs is growing. GIS Career • GIS Gig – Job Listings • GIS Job Sites • GIS […]

Maps and Cartography

The easiest way to show spatial change over time: side by side maps each showing a slice of time.The easiest way to show spatial change over time: side by side maps each showing a slice of time.

Time and GIS: Ways of Representing Time on a Map

Spatialtemporal visualization are ways to illustrate changes in an area over time on a map. The famous geographer Immanuel Kant maintained that geography was the study of knowledge in a location, while history was the study of knowledge in time. This article explores different cartographic methods of showing changes in time over space on a map.

Maps and Cartography

Hurricane Isaac Mapped

Hurricane Isaac Mapped

Projected to make landfall tonight at the southwest pass of the Mississippi River, a recently reclassified Hurricane Isaac has a lot of residents of the Gulf Coast.  The hurricane is currently a category 1 with winds of 75 MPH.  The hurricane is expected to make landfall later today. There are a […]

GIS Data

Geography of Ancestry

Geography of Ancestry

What’s your geographic ancestral origin?  A team of researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have created a method for more precisely pinpointing the geographic origin of a person’s ancestry by developing an understanding of the spatial diversity of genes. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, […]

GIS Software

MapCite's Excel Mapping AddinMapCite's Excel Mapping Addin

Making Maps With Excel

There is a huge amount of untapped geographic information stored within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With over one billion users of the popular spreadsheet software, that is a lot of data waiting to be mapped out. That said, the capability of mapping out that geographic data doesn’t necessarily need to be done through an external desktop GIS software application. There are a few solutions on the market that provide both free and cost-based mapping solutions that operate directly within Excel.