2012 Super Bowl Mashup Map and Imagery


Esri has rolled out another social media map with its 2012 Super Bowl Mashup Map which pits football against politics.  Enter your ZIP code, which team you want to with the 2012 Super Bowl, and your favorite potential presidential candidate to watch the big game with and hit the “vote” button.  The resulting side by side maps show the distribution of winning Super Bowl team and favorite tailgate candidate across the country.

Since the voting is limited to ZIP codes only, preferences are only shown within the United States.  Click on either map to see a pie chart showing the distribution of votes based on a ZIP code or city.  Click on the “all votes” link at the bottom of the scale slider to see the total votes for the entire country.

2012 Super Bowl Map

2012 Super Bowl Map

In time for Sunday’s big football game, Bing Maps has a blog post highlighting its aerial and oblique imagery covering the area of Indianapolis, Indiana where the Super Bowl XLVI will be taking place.  The obliques include before, during, and after shots of Lucas Oil Stadium which was built in 2008.

Lucas Oil Stadium Oblique Aerials.  Source: Bing.

Lucas Oil Stadium Oblique Aerials. Source: Bing.




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