Month: September 2008

Heidelberg-3D – Interactive 3D City Mapping Based on OGC Standards

Recently a first version of the interactive 3D city information system was made available online. It can be used freely by anybody. The core of the system is one of the first implementations of the OpenGIS Web 3D Service (OGC W3DS) discussion paper. The system comes with a free 3D-Client called <XNavigator>. This client is a Java WebStart-Application and will be installed automatically if you follow the respective URL and if Java 6 is already installed on the computer. XNavigator allows the user to explore and analyse the 3D city and landscape models which are streamed by the W3DS server. A range of applications have been integrated in order to let the user work with the 3D model. In contrast to conventional proprietary 3D GIS, the whole system is totally based on standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

The main goal of the project is to build and evaluate a whole 3D spatial data infrastructure (3D-SDI) based on OGC services, not only to develop a further visualization component.

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