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Sailing times from Rhodes (Ialysos or Kameiros), derived using an anisotropic surface. From: Leidwanger, 2013.

How GIS is Used to Understand History

Historical geography is one area that has applied GIS to understand outcomes of battles, why cities were built in given locations, and using ancient technologies to understand length and difficulty of travel at different times of the year.

Maps and Cartography

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Spatial Analysis

Geographic pattern of illegal border crossings. Source: Rossmo, et al., 2008).

Using GIS to Fight Drug Trafficking

GIS has proven to be an immensely useful tool for police interdiction operations and crime prevention. One area, in particular, that has benefited from GIS is combating drug trafficking.

GIS Career and Jobs

The GEOINT career trail from academics to expertise

Making a Career in Geointelligence

Sangeeta Deogawanka discusses what it takes to develop a career in Geointelligence whether it be in security, intelligence,  policy analysis, first response, technology, software development or consulting.