GIS Data

A Screenshot of the Yiyun Interactive Map for Ya’an Earthquake Disaster Relief (10 August 2014). Source: Elwood, Goodchild, & Sui, 2012.

GIS and Social Activism

Groups promoting various causes are implementing geospatial approaches and GIS related technologies.

Structure-from-Motion (SfM). Instead of a single stereo pair, the SfM technique requires multiple, overlapping photographs as input to feature extraction and 3-D reconstruction algorithms. From: Westoby et al., 2012.

Making 3D Models with Photogrammetry

With the prevalence of smartphones and drones, photogrammetry is now widely present as an effective and cost-efficient method to easily recreate 3D models of large areas and specific objects or buildings.

GIS Learning

Earth cake

Celebrate GIS Day on November 16, 2016

Every year, GIS Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week. This year GIS Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 18, 2015. What are your GIS Day plans?

This ArcGIS-based story map highlights public gardens featuring native plants.

How GIS is Helping Gardening

Gardening is largely about understanding spatial layout of plants. Given this reality, from research and public gardens to home and backyard plants one can find GIS being employed in the management and understanding of gardening.

Maps and Cartography

New Edition of Making Maps

The new edition of “Making Maps” contains over 40 pages of new content, over 35 new maps, and updated and expanded discussions on a variety of topics including when mapping is inappropriate, time and mapping, and geodata locational services and privacy.

GIS Software

Spatial Analysis

GIS Career and Jobs

The GEOINT career trail from academics to expertise

Making a Career in Geointelligence

Sangeeta Deogawanka discusses what it takes to develop a career in Geointelligence whether it be in security, intelligence,  policy analysis, first response, technology, software development or consulting.