Rent Liechtenstein



Need a country and 33,000 residents?  Liechtenstein has put itself up for rent starting at the nightly rate of $70,000.  The country, located in the Alps between Austria and Switzerland.  The small country is roughly 62 square miles in size and is considered a tax haven. The promotion is run by Airbnb in partnership with Liechtenstein-based event production company Xnet, a two-night minimum gets you accomodation for hundreds of your closest friends, wine-tasting, and the use of the country’s police force among other benefits.

While this latest listing of Liechtenstein’s rental is making the rounds, it isn’t the first time renting the country has been promoted.  The NY Times reported back in 2003 on Liechtenstein’s rental as a way to “attract corporate conferences and bolster its tourism industry.”

Visit: Rent Liechtenstein.

Country of Liechtenstein. Source: CIA.

(Via Geekosystem)

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