North American Tribal Data



Free sources of GIS data for North American Tribal regions.

Aboriginal Mapping Network
The Aboriginal Mapping Network is a collection of resource pages for First Nation mappers who are looking for answers to common questions regarding mapping, information management and GIS.

Federal and Indian Lands
Datset of federally and Indian administered lands of the United States that have any area equal to or greater than 640 acres. Agencies include the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Defense, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service.

Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem
GIS datasets for reservations for tribes in the Pacific Northwest through the Eastside Ecosystem Project.

Managed Areas Database
MAD is a comprehensive GIS database for the conterminous United States which includes all types of managed areas.

Nunavut Environmental Database
Some GIS datasets for downloading concerning the Inuit of central and eastern Arctic.

Tribal GIS Publication

Esri Press released Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making, edited by Anne Taylor, David Gadsden, Joseph J. Kerski, and Heather Warren.  The publication provides details about the challenges and benefits of using GIS to help Native American tribes with decision making and policy planning.

Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making

Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making

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  1. Hi Dan. I finished a small project on historical Ute hunting grounds and Ute territory last summer. One very good place to start for gathering tribal data is the NHGIS (National Historic GIS):

    They are very helpful, and have a lot of information on tribal land. Also, I would try and contact the tribal councils of the territories that you are attempting to map, as there are a lot of tribes that have begun using GIS.

    Plus, if you can speak with the someone in the Canada’s GIS department; they will call you back and discuss your project. I found Canada’s GIS department VERY helpful.

    Good luck!

    Afrikka M.

  2. I’m seeking historical tribal gis data, in particular any data whatsoever depicting tribal lands in the U.S. from the year 1790 forward. If anybody knows of any such datasets I’d really appreciate an email. THANKS.

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