Submitting to GIS Lounge


GIS Lounge welcomes contributing authors who wish to publish quality, GIS / geospatial original content to  Articles created solely for the purpose of linking to non-related geospatial web sites will not be accepted.  Contact Caitlin Dempsey Morais at [email protected] with your article proposal.  Articles can be on a range of topics relating to GIS, mapping, cartography and geospatial technologies. Articles about geography may be submitted for publication on

Articles published in GIS Lounge qualify for points as part of the Contribution to the Profession section in the GISP application.

Submissions accepted include articles, technical papers, tutorials, geographic concept papers, and other GIS content. Do you have a GIS project you’d like to showcase?  GIS Lounge is looking to profile real world examples of geospatial technologies and analysis at work.   This could be a map you created, a web mapping application, a field mapping project, or a write up about using open source GIS. Do you have a tutorial, technical how to, or content on GIS trends or technology?  Original (not previously published) content will be published upon review and notification of acceptance.  Please avoid the use of superlatives (e.g. this software is the best!) in your article.

To submit an article, please email [email protected] with the following:

  1. A write-up between 400 and 1,200 words.
  2. Images or screenshots to help illustrate the topic of your article.
  3. A short bio of the article’s author (optional: include any links to web sites and social media accounts as well)
  4. A statement by you, in the body of the email, that the work you are submitting is your original work, that you have the rights to the imagery submitted, and that you give permission to GIS Lounge to publish both the submitted content and imagery.

GIS in Imagery Series

GIS related photos can be submitted for consideration for the GIS in Imagery series.

The “GIS in Imagery” series aims to highlight activities in the geospatial field around the world.  If you have a GIS related photograph or series of photos that you would like to submit to be considered for this series, the guidelines are:

Some examples of GIS in Imagery posts:

GIS Jobs

Submit GIS job postings here:  Visit to see the current list of job posts.  Jobs are free to post.  Jobs submitted without specific information for applications will be listed with the contact information of the sender.

GIS Event

If you have a GIS conference, webinar, workshop, or other geospatial related event you would like to see listed please submit the details here:

Press Releases

Relevant geospatial press releases are published on and are tweeted to @geospatialnews.  To have your geospatial press release published, you must submit it via To make your PR more appealing to the geospatial audience, make sure your title is well crafted and add keywords to the bottom of the press release.

Additionally, geospatial companies are invited to submit original, never before published content to GIS Lounge for consideration in the main section of GIS Lounge.  Those articles should follow the guidelines of the submission process listed at the top of this page.