GIS Survey: GIS Certification

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Do you have a GIS certification such as a GISP or an Esri technical certification? Fill out the survey below to explain why you do or do not hold a certification.

GIS Salary Survey

Fill out the form below with your GIS salary and job information.  At the end of the survey, you will have a chance to view the ongoing responses to this GIS salary survey. Ongoing results will be published on the GIS Salary Survey Results page.

GIS Advice Survey

Some of the best advice in the field comes from other GIS users.  GIS Lounge periodically conducts surveys to understand the applications of GIS in the field.  Those that use GIS desktop software on a daily or frequent basis often have excellent tips and tricks.

For this survey, GIS Lounge is looking for tips and tricks from users of ArcGIS (all desktop versions), Esri’s commercial GIS software, and QGIS (formally known as Quantum GIS), a popular free and open source GIS software program.

Do you have a favorite tip or trick that has helped you when using ArcGIS or QGIS?

Also visit: Submitted user advice for ArcGIS.

Enter your desktop GIS tip in the survey below.



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