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Map and GIS data competitions are a great way to promote geospatial work and receive industry recognition.  Geospatial competitions range from both paper and digital map contests as well as contests designed to showcase the potential of different types of spatial data.  Here are current map and GIS related competitions listed in order of the competition deadline.

CaGIS Map Design Competition

The competition is open to all mapmakers in the United States and Canada for maps completed or published during the past calendar year (2015). Competition offers both professional and student categories.  Deadline to submit entries is March 15, 2016. More information: CaGIS Map Design Competition.

The Remote Sensing Applications Competition

This competition aims at promoting the utilization of the DubaiSat-2 mission data. DubaiSat-2 products are expected for a wide range of disciplines spanning from land use and land cover, topography and geology, terrestrial (vegetation) ecosystem, agriculture and forestry, hydrology and climate, oceanography and coastal zone, disaster and natural hazards, resource exploration, development of spatial data infrastructure research and so on. RSAC 2015 includes two categories. The Remote Sensing Application Development category and the “Challenge of Innovation” category.  The application deadline is March 26, 2016. For more information please visit:

IGNITE – Create the M.App of the Future

IGNITE is a competition to create an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that will solve real world issues in a smart, fresh way.  Participants are invited to plan and build a dynamic information experience that provides an elegant solution to a mainstream, global issue. The submission deadline is May 1, 2016.  Hexagon Geospatial is sponsoring the competition which will award $260,000 to the winning entries.  More: IGNITE – Create the M.App of the Future

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