Extensions for ArcView 3.x

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Sources of free and commercial ArcView 3x extensions. Extensions are add-on utilities that increase the functionality of this older (and unsupported) version of Esri’s desktop GIS application.

Columbia Mapping Extensions
Keith Massie’s site for select ArcView extensions for downloading.

Coulter Mapping Solutions
Select extensions available for downloading after online purchase.

Cyze & Associates
Download free Natural Neighbor extensions.

Quantdec Extensions
Descriptions of free extensions available from Quantdec.

Free stand alone utility for determining the associations of shapefiles and ArcView GIS projects.

Spatial Online
Online commercial site with a vast collection of ArcView extensions to help with project management and data analysis.

Xtools Extension
Download the famous Xtools extension which is a must have if you want to accomplish some of the common ArcInfo functions in ArcView.

ZEBRIS Free Extensions
Free ArcView extensions that you can download from this site. Click on the ArcView Extensions link to load the download page into the frame.

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  1. Caitlin Dempsey says:

    Many things can cause a segmentation violation error. A few things you can try: http://gislounge.com/fixing-segmentation-violations-in-arcview-3-x/

  2. Muhammad Saleem says:

    I am looking for a solution for “segmentation violation error” . I want to know the reason for this error and is there any solution to retrieve the same project in Arcview 3.2a. Some time I lost my much work if anybody can help olz
    Muhammad Saleem

  3. Teddy Christianto says:


    I’ve been looking for an extension that can convert polylines to polygons. Are there any freely available extensions out there that could help me? Please help me!

    Thanks a lot,


  4. rajib says:

    I need a converter which can make deg-min-sec to BTM (Bangladesh Transverse Mercator) projection…………fully need projection convertion software to BTM

    Thank You


  5. Yacob Mehari says:


    I’ve been looking for extensions which can calculate the over all water shed area and as well as extension used in managing natural reources in agricultural fields. Are there any freely available extensions out there that can help me? please help me !


  6. Matt says:


    I’ve been looking for an extension that can calculate the length and width of polygons (or polygon diameter as some call it). Are there any freely available extensions out there that could help me?



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