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Registration Now Open for the Inaugural GISP Certification Exam

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is seeking candidates for the inaugural GISP certification exam.  About five years ago, GISCI began exploring changing the requirements for obtaining a GISP from its portfolio-only based requirements.  After launching a formal review in 2011, GISCI finally announced earlier this year that it would be […]

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Women in GIS

Web sites with information specifically regarding peer support for women in GIS. Read interviews about women in this field or find GIS related support groups. Women in GIS LinkedIn Group Connect with other women GIS professionals on LinkedIn. Women in GIS (WIGIS) Pronounced  “wahjus” after the group’s acronym WIGIS, this networking group […]

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Your Mobile Portfolio: Make it Your Own

Lowell Ballard, Director of Geospatial Solutions for Timmons Group, discusses the importance of making users feel like a part of your company’s ecosystem by developing a mobile portfolio.

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Join MapLift to Help Fix Maps on Wikipedia

The North American Cartographic Information Society and the FixWikiMaps Project are organizing the first ever MapLift from August 28th through September 4th this year.  MapLift is a program to identify and fix bad, outdated, or incomplete maps on Wikipedia.  Volunteers are being solicited to help with the program.  Those interested can signup via the MapLift signup […]

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