• Esri Wants Your Input on the Esri User Conference Agenda

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    Esri has posted a survey soliciting input on the annual Esri User Conference agenda.  The survey is short and can be taken in five minutes.  It asks a series of questions about how the agenda is presented (mobile, online, paper, etc.) and accessed. The answers are confidential and the only [...]

  • Binning in GIS

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    In GIS it is often sometimes hard to present point-based data because at times there are several different points and data symbologies that need to be shown. As the number of different data points grows they can become complicated to interpret and manage, resulting in convoluted and sometimes inaccurate maps. In order to reduce map congestion many GIS users use a process called binning. Binning is defined as the process of grouping pairs of locations based on their distance from one another.

  • What is the Difference Between a Heat Map and a Hot Spot Map?

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    While they look similar and the terms are often used interchangeably, heat maps and hot spot maps are not identical processes.  Both processes are used to visualize geographic data in order to show areas where a higher density or cluster of activity occurs.  For both types of spatial analysis, a [...]

  • EarthCube Data Initiative

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    Improvements in technology have led to the wide dissemination of information. As long as you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can access a large amount of data from nearly all parts of the globe. The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) is taking advantage of this reality through their [...]

  • Campaign for Geo Lounge

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    I started Geo Lounge back in 2007 as a companion site to GIS Lounge with a focus on geography.  The time has come to really develop this site as a comprehensive resource for all things geography.  To do this, I need to raise funds in order to tap experts in [...]

GIS Career and Jobs

I'm a.... The GIS Profession in One Word

standard I’m a…. The GIS Profession in One Word

When I think about the debate about whether or not GIS is a profession, one aspect that pokes at me is the inability to succinctly sum up the answer to the question, “What do you do?” in one word.  When I think about professions, I think about the one word [...]

Women in GIS Survey for a Master's Thesis

standard Women in GIS Survey for a Master’s Thesis

Livia Betancourt Mazur is working on her Master’s thesis in Geography at Hunter College of City University of New York.  She has issued a call for participants for her survey which seeks to explore the representation of women in GIS and the experience of women who already work in the field: The survey [...]

Gender in the GIS Workforce

standard Gender in the GIS Workforce

A recent GIS job survey run on GIS Lounge sought to understand the state of gender balance in the GIS industry.  To date, the survey has collected responses from 1,186 GIS professionals (the survey is still open for participants to submit responses here). Global GIS Job Respondents On a global level, [...]

GIS Learning

The "Where in the World" game is an annual favorite among attendees. Individuals take their best guesses to figure out where on the Earth the poster sized aerial imagery represents.

standard Views From the 2014 Esri International User Conference: GIS In Imagery

Photographer Kristina Jacob shares moments she captured from the 2014 Esri International User Conference that was recently held during July in San Diego, California.  One of the largest GIS conferences in the world, the Esri UC played host to over 15,000 attendees from around the world. The Esri International User [...]

GIS Tutorial for Python Scripting

standard GIS Tutorial for Python Scripting

GIS Tutorial for Python Scripting is a new release from Esri Press.  This workbook contains hands-on programming exercises to familiarize GIS users with scripting using Python, particularly within the ArcGIS environment. Python is used within ArcGIS to script geoprocessing functions and tasks such as automating workflows or customizing ArcGIS through custom menus [...]

GIS Survey: GIS on the Mac

standard GIS Survey: GIS on the Mac

Do you have a GIS certification such as a GISP or an Esri technical certification? Fill out the survey below to explain why you do or do not hold a certification.

GIS Data

Detected methane leaks in the city of Staten Island.

standard Mapping Methane Leaks with Google Street View Cars

Google partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund on a pilot project to use Google’s fleet of Street View cars to map out methane levels in three U.S. cities.  The cars were outfitted with sensors to detect and record methane leaking from city pipes in the cities of Boston, Staten Island, and [...]

No Drones Zones: Map and GIS Data

standard No Drones Zones: Map and GIS Data

Unmanned aircraft, known more commonly as drones, have a blanket ban by the Federal Aviation Authority in the United States over military bases and within a five mile radius of medium to large sized airports.  On July 27, 2014 a ban on the launching, landing, or operating of drones over national parks and [...]

GRACE based shallow groundwater drought indicator map for July 7, 2014. Source: NASA.

standard Using Remote Sensing to Measure the Affect of Drought on Ground Water

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center have been experimenting with a new data product to assess groundwater and soil moisture drought indicators. The maps produced are used by the U.S. Drought Monitor and use data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites.   In 2002, the GRACE satellites were launched [...]

GIS Software

Esri Releases Explorer for ArcGIS for Mac OS

standard Esri Releases Explorer for ArcGIS for Mac OS

Baby steps.  GIS software giant Esri, which still lacks a full fledged desktop GIS software solution for native Mac OS users, has announced the release of Explorer for ArcGIS.  A step beyond the previous ArcExplorer, Explorer for ArcGIS is a free Mac OS app that offers the following functionality: Find, use, [...]

QGIS 2.4 'Chugiak' Now Available for Downloading

standard QGIS 2.4 ‘Chugiak’ Now Available for Downloading

The latest release of QGIS 2.4, called Chugiak, is now available for downloading.  QGIS is a freely available GIS software program (Anita Graser has written an introduction to QGIS that provides an overview of what the suite of QGIS programs offers). One of the major improvements in this latest release is [...]

Maps and Cartography

Recipes of the World on Wikia Maps.

standard Crowdsourced Maps With Wikia Maps

Harnessing the power of technology, crowdsourcing data and maps draws upon a large group of people from all over the globe in order to pull together ideas, content, or services, and those who take part in are mostly volunteers. A good example of geographic data crowdsourcing is OpenStreetMap, a collaborative [...]

A Look At Epson's New Generation of Large-Format Color Printers

standard A Look At Epson’s New Generation of Large-Format Color Printers

Timed with this year’s Esri International User Conference, Epson has announced the second generation of its SureColor T-Series of large format color printers.  Epson has focused improvements to its printer series towards architects, engineers and GIS professionals.  I had a chance to speak with Timothy Check, Project Manager at Epson [...]

Map Traps: Intentional Mapping Errors to Combat Plagiarism

standard Map Traps: Intentional Mapping Errors to Combat Plagiarism

When cartographers create maps, it is usually with the intention of being as accurate as possible. After all, when humans consult maps, they want to know where an exact location is and how they can get there. In the past, though, mapmakers have been known to slip in what are [...]

Spatial Analysis

Benjamin Heumann and the UAV

standard Using Unmanned Aircraft to Help Map Threatened Plant Species

There has been a lot of news lately about where unmanned aerial systems (UAS or UAV for unmanned aerial vehicle) can’t fly in the United States.  Despite the negative attention, unmanned aircraft have many beneficial uses, for example, in the remote sensing of archaeological sites. Geography researchers at Central Michigan University [...]

Evaluating Ecosystems from Space

standard Evaluating Ecosystems from Space

The impact of humans upon the planet’s ecosystems has long been a concern for scientists, and now the European Space Agency (ESA) is taking their assessment of natural resources to a new level with satellite technology. The emphasis of a new project from the ESA is on promoting sustainability and [...]

Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research

standard Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research

The inaugural issue of the International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research (IJGER) has been published with the theme of ‘Geospatial Analysis of Urban Environment’.  The journal is sponsored by the Korea-America Association for Geospatial and Environmental Sciences (KAGES). IJGER is published using the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Digital Commons and all of its articles are freely [...]