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iGETT participants learning GIS in the lab. Source: NASA.

Ensuring the Future of GIS with Geospatial Education

The U.S. government is helping to guarantee the future of GIS by investing billions of dollars in geospatial education. The hope is that this funding will go towards developing a workforce that is able to use geographic information in order to solve local, national, and global problems. Of source, the […]


New GISP Certification Process and Fees Announced

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) which had launched a review of its certification process back in 2011, announced new terms and fees for its certification and recertification processes starting July 1, 2015. In terms of the process for obtaining a GISP certification, the biggest change is the exam component.  Starting on […]

GIS Learning

GIS Data


Extracting 3D GIS Data

This piece by Anil Narendran Pillai, Vice President of Geomatics at SBL, takes a look at 3D GIS data creation using feature extraction methods.

GIS Software


How to Geocode Addresses Using QGIS

If you have a CSV formatted file containing addresses, you can take advantage of QGIS to map out those addresses. This article contains step by step instructions for geocoding addresses using QGIS.


Google’s Map Maker Program to Reopen in Early August

After a glut of spam including the viral episode of an edit that incorporated an image of Google’s Android mascot peeing on the Apple logo, Google’s Map Maker program was suspended this past May. A recent post by Pavithra Kanakarajan a Product Manager with Google Map Maker announced that the program will […]

Maps and Cartography


Join MapLift to Help Fix Maps on Wikipedia

The North American Cartographic Information Society and the FixWikiMaps Project are organizing the first ever MapLift from August 28th through September 4th this year.  MapLift is a program to identify and fix bad, outdated, or incomplete maps on Wikipedia.  Volunteers are being solicited to help with the program.  Those interested can signup via the MapLift signup […]

A hexagon tile grid map, a square tile grid map, and a standard choropleth map. From Let’s Tesselate: Hexagons For Tile Grid Maps

Tile Grid Maps

One issue with choropleth maps is that geographic areas that are small in area can oftentimes become indecipherable when viewed on a small scale map.  Take for example, a map of the United States.  The states located in the New England region are far smaller in size than states along the Western […]

Spatial Analysis

Figure 1.0: This map displays the overall percentage of observed hours that a space was occupied over the six-day study.

Using GIS to Evaluate Parking Availability in Bloomsburg, PA

This student/faculty research project at Bloomsburg University takes a look at parking availability in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania by analyzing parking space usage using GPS and GIS. Article written by Tony DiBiase, Jeff Brunskill, Matt Hess and Chris Podeschi.